Circles Round The Moon

I get a feeling, morning and evening
Baby when you get home, oh
I got a vision, my superstitions gone
Baby I’m shining, you got me flying
Throw me a silver line, oh
Pull me down slowly, kiss me and hold me tight

We can’t hide it
We can’t fight it
Just feel as you believe

I got a spell on my heart for you
Wishin’ on a little star for you
Kinda magic in everything we do
(running circles round the moon)
I’d live and I’d die for you
Get a little bit high for you
Forever couldn’t come too soon
Running circles round the moon

I’m moving over, you’re getting closer
Heaven is in your eyes, oh
Mystical wonder, flowing into our lives
Spirits are waking, to the love that were makin’
Angels are on our side
Watching and waiting, catching the joy we cry

Out of my mind
Chasing circles of love, but I find
Every lifetime
It’s always you